Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer (2022 Review)

Drizom citrus lemon orange juicer

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No home bar set up is complete without a citrus juicer. Freshly squeezed juice always tastes better than juice from concentrate – and it doesn’t get any fresher than extracting citrus juice in your own kitchen!

What is the best way to get fresh juice for your favorite cocktail recipes? I recommend picking up a manual citrus juicer like the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer from Amazon.

Lately, I’ve been making Long Island Iced Teas on Friday nights. It’s a strong cocktail that makes me think of Tiki bars in Florida and as far as I’m concerned it’s the perfect way to wrap up a busy week.

Now that I’ve had some hands-on experience with the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer, I thought it would be a great time to share my thoughts on this product.

What is a Citrus Juicer?

Let’s get some basic information out of the way before we talk about the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer. We’ll start with the most basic question of all.

What is a citrus juicer?

A citrus juicer is a tool or appliance specifically built to extract juice from citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. These juicers have a cone shaped “reamer” designed to be pressed against the inside of a citrus fruit after it has been cut in half.

Citrus juicers are available in manual and powered varieties. Using a manual juicer, you turn the fruit while pressing it against the reamer to extract juice. An electric juicer reduces the manual effort involved by turning the reamer automatically.

What is the Difference Between a Citrus Juicer and a Juice Extractor?

There are two types of devices you can use to extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables:

  • Citrus juicers
  • Juice extractors

When making cocktails at home, many recipes call for citrus juice and freshly squeezed is definitely the way to go! All you really need in your home bar setup is a citrus juicer but if you think you might like to make vegetable juice as well, I’ll talk about both.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers are specifically designed to work with lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit. Citrus juicers are generally quieter and cost less than juice extractors. They use a simple mechanism to separate the pulp and seeds from your juice but sometimes simple is all you need!

Juice Extractors

Juice extractors contain blades and powerful motors that slice your fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces before spinning them at a high speed to separate the juice from the fruit or vegetables’ seeds and skin.

A juice extractor is the only way to go if you want to drink juice made from vegetables like carrots or beets but keep in mind that they’re louder and generally cost more than basic citrus juicers.

My Review of the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer

The Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer is a premium quality citrus juicer made from durable BPA-free, food grade plastic. This manual juicer sits on top of a clear measuring cup with markings in cups, oz, and ml. Using this juicer, you can easily squeeze up to 12 oz (355 ml) of juice from the citrus fruit of your choosing.

The measuring cup has a non-slip, silicone base to keep it firmly in place on your countertop and it comes with two different sized reamers. The 12-tooth reamer is designed to extract juice from lemons and limes while the larger 3-claw reamer is used with oranges and grapefruits.

This juicer also comes with a stainless-steel grater that can be used for garlic, ginger, and potatoes or other vegetables.

Drizom juicer with packaging

What I Love About the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer

I have used the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer many times since purchasing it. This juicer was an inexpensive addition to my home bar setup and the freshly squeezed citrus juice instantly elevates the flavor of many cocktails.

The juicer feels solid, everything fits together well, and the non-slip base is very practical and shows real attention to detail. I also love that the grater functions as a lid to keep all of the pieces together in one neat package.

What Could Be Improved?

Overall, I’m very happy with this juicer but if I had to list one complaint, I would say that the spaces on the reamer could be made a little smaller.

One batch of lemons that I was juicing contained a few small seeds which slipped through the spaces in the reamer. That batch of lemon juice also seemed to have more pulp than previous batches.

In the end, the seeds and pulp weren’t a big deal. I simply poured the lemon juice through a small kitchen strainer into another container… problem solved!

Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer

Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer

The Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer provides great value.

I can’t imagine making cocktails without freshly squeezed citrus juice. This juicer will be a welcome addition your home bar setup and I can confidently recommend this product!


  • Low cost
  • Non-slip base
  • Grater also functions as a lid


  • Juice may contain small seeds and pulp

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By Michael

Chief mixologist and cocktail enthusiast at Swizzle Club.