7 Reasons Why Guinness Is So Popular

Guinness is a beer originating in Dublin, Ireland. Its tasteful classification as an Irish dry stout is part of its popularity, but there’s also much more to be said about why so many people love it. The first records of Guinness were documented in 1759, and now this beer is served all over the world. 

Here are 7 reasons why Guinness is so popular:

  1. The history of Guinness. 
  2. Guinness’s cultural origins. 
  3. The unique flavors of Guinness.
  4. Guinness boasts celebrity spokespeople.
  5. Guinness sponsors key events.
  6. Recipes and cocktails made with Guinness. 
  7. Guinness marketing and commercials.

Guinness is well-loved by many, and everyone has their own reasons behind their admiration. Below, I’ll discuss what has made Guinness such a unique and popular brand. Then, I’ll detail how popular Guinness is around the world.

1. The History of Guinness

Guinness may be so popular because it’s been around for so long! The Guinness Brewery was purchased in 1759 by a man named Arthur Guinness. This would make it one of the oldest commercial beer producers in history. 

At the time, Arthur signed the lease for 9,000 years. Right before his death, he left the recipe for the West India Porter, which is the Guinness most of us know today. The brewery was passed down for five generations from father to son.

You can watch this video by Amy Beers to see pictures and expert retellings of how Guinness with its humble origins came to be so popular:

As mentioned in the video, the Porter was one of the first beers to ever be produced commercially. Today, you can find Guinness in just about any bar worldwide. It’s sold in over 150 countries. 

2. Guinness’s Cultural Origins

Many people associate Guinness with Ireland, which makes it a popular drink not only for those in the green isles but in the states too. As noted, Guinness is classified as an Irish dry stout beer and has few others competing in the same category. The brewery was once located in Dublin, Ireland, thus many people think of Guinness as a symbol for Ireland. 

The location holds the Guinness Storehouse, which has seven floors filled with historical information about how Guinness came to be one of the most popular beer brands globally. This is the number one tourist attraction in Ireland. 

If you aren’t a Guinness drinker most days of the year, be informed that bars usually double their orders during St. Patrick’s day. Reports show that Guinness sells at 819% of its normal sales on that single day!

3. The Unique Flavors of Guinness

This Irish dry stout is darker than your typical beer. The flavors are also much more robust than your average light beer. 

Guinness, in this sense, is incomparable to most popularized beer brands. Many people enjoy drinking Corona, Budweiser, PBR, or Coors lite exclusively, but Guinness isn’t even in the same category. Its unique flavors set it apart.

You will find more than just the typical stout from the Guinness brewery, and everyone has a preference. Guinness also sells:

  • Draught
  • Extra Stout 
  • Foreign Extra Stout
  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • Baltimore Blonde 

Guinness stout and extra stout are also known as nitro beer, meaning that the cans of Guinness contain more nitrogen and less carbon dioxide than most beers. This creates thick, foamy bubbles that stick in the drink longer than your average bear, making Guinness perfect for baking and cooking.  

4. Guinness Boasts Celebrity Spokespeople 

Some may appreciate the drink’s celebrity spokespeople or the celebrities they’ve seen enjoying the beverage. Viral photos of celebrities drinking Guinness include:

  • Barack and Michelle Obama
  • The Queen of England
  • The Clintons
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Joe Montana and the University of Notre Dame also teamed up to endorse Guinness in 2020. 

5. Guinness Sponsors Key Events 

Guinness’ sponsorship of events cannot go unmentioned. The beverage sponsors tons of events both inside and outside Ireland. For instance, rugby lovers know Guinness as the key sponsor of the Six Nations event, which is one of the best-attended sporting events in Europe

6. Recipes and Cocktails Made With Guinness

Guinness is also a popular addition in cocktails, shots, or mixed drinks. Irish car bombs, a popular cocktail, are traditionally made with Guinness beer and a shot of Irish whiskey, as well as Irish cream and coffee liquor. 

Some people make “Irish coffee” using Guinness instead of coffee, while others use it as a culinary flavor in the kitchen. Famous Irish foods such as shepherd’s pie and roasts are often made with Guinness, especially around St. Patrick’s day. 

Guinness cupcakes and desserts are also popular among those who want to create sweet foods with alcohol. Guinness has a robust flavor and the carbonation to make desserts compared to those made from beerless recipes. 

7. Guinness Marketing and Commercials

Guinness also boasts incredible marketing and fantastic commercials. Furthermore, the company has expanded the business and broadcasts commercials in Europe and all over the US. 

The Guinness 2022 campaign made a splash, honoring the “reunion tour” of clinking your glass with friends after the 2020 COVID pandemic. Guinness offered dozens in cash prizes to those who reunited with friends and shared a Guinness. 

This wasn’t their only high popularity campaign, either. Here’s another popular commercial that was aired:

This one was dedicated to the “empty chair” campaign honoring loved ones, especially veterans and those who can’t be with us to share a drink. Guinness commercials are often emotionally stirring or greatly communal. 

The Popularity of Guinness

Guinness is a big moneymaker around the world and has made $245.3 million globally. The drink is often sold by the distributor Diageo, which made $17.5 billion. 

Money isn’t everything, though. Guinness is well-loved by people worldwide. Each day, over 10 million glasses of Guinness are enjoyed by loyal patrons globally. 

It’s hard to believe, but Ireland is usually second or third on the list of countries with the highest Guinness sales. 40% of all Guinness beer sales happen in Africa, while Great Britain sells the most Guinness in the world. 

The largest sales of Guinness in the US happen in New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and LA.

By Michael

Chief mixologist and cocktail enthusiast at Swizzle Club.